Adventure and Culture Trip to Sofia

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Sofia is one of the few European capitals which offers great possibilities for cultural trips and active holidays. Even though it might not look as spectacular as old Prague or Budapest (its sister capital cities from the Soviet times), Sofia will surprise you with its lively and youthful appearance. Home of many museums, galleries, restaurants and bars it can make you stay longer and discover more of it.
With a history that stretches over seven millennia, ruin-rich Sofia is one of Europe's oldest cities. Recent excavation work carried out during construction of the city’s metro unveiled a treasure trove of Roman ruins from nearly 2000 years ago, when the city was called 'Serdica'.
With its tree-lined boulevards, vast squares, communist-era statues and balconied buildings, it’s very much and Eastern European city. The city center boasts magnificent Orthodox churches among which the most impressive are the gold-domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the onion-shaped Russian church of st. Nicolas. Imposing Ottoman-time mosques stand alongside ruins and buildings from Roman times.
Apart from the buildings and boulevards, expansive parks and beautiful gardens offer a pleasant respite. The ski slopes and hiking trails of Mount Vitosha lie only a few minutes’ drive from city center.
For your active holiday in Sofia, we can organize:
  • Hiking in Mt Vitosha
  • Horseback riding
  • Cultural visits
  • Kayaking on the Iskar river
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking to Seven Rila lakes
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